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Building an effective advertising campaign can be an incredibly difficult endeavor for many that own or operate a business. Those that own or operate a business are focused on the day to day operational aspects of the company. Marketing and advertising are often two aspects of business that are reserved for those who have ample experience and a background within the field. This means that improving digital presence may be one aspect of business that is left on the back burner. Unfortunately, not focusing on marketing and advertising can create many missed opportunities to grab the attention of potential clients.

Go Local Advertising has launched www.trustourbrand.com to help those that are searching for a way to improve their online presence. Our digital media production company has spent years becoming experts within the media production world. We offer digital media services that will drive clients to your website, improve online presence, and create conversions. There is always a use for digital media production in the ever-shifting world of business, so it is time to find out what Go Local Advertising can do for you.

Houston’s Top Media Production Company

What We Can Do

Professional Media Production Services:

  • On Site Video Shooting
  • Expert Production Value
  • Studio Lighting
  • Professional Audio Services
  • Expert Editing
  • Music Editing
  • Graphic Editing

Professional Small Business or Corporate

Media Production

Houston Media Production Company

The main reason why Go Local Video delivers the best video testimonials is because of the experience and process that we have to use. We have some fundamentals that we use to ensure that the testimonials are believable to future customers so that they reach your goals of increasing your customer base.

• We keep the message specific to the customers individual emotional and physical impact (benefit) from using your product or service
• We take the time to get the story on film, and we record a conversation, and then have the ability to get the elements out of the conversation that tell the story the best, and ultimately become a revenue generating video testimonial
• We move the story along with carefully planned and executed shots, so that the view does not get bored watching a person talk. We keep it moving, while staying dramatic and impactful
• We spend the appropriate amount of time with our clients before shoot day to make sure they are prepared and we have selected the customers that match the customers that our clients are seeking.
• We take the time to make sure that all scenes look great, with a series video lighting products and techniques. We use top of the line equipment, and our shooters are not hired guns, our team is an in-house team and will have ownership of the final product.

Commonly Requested Media Production Services

Client Testimonials
Web Commercials
Promotional Video
30 Second Corporate Commercial
Product Video
Compilation Video
100% Custom Video (necessitates separate quote)

Whether you would like to capitalize on customer testimonials, create a product review, or create a web commercial, there is no better or more able company than Go Local. We will help you build an effective advertising campaign without breaking the bank. Currently we have two separate packages, but we also are available to give custom quotes to ensure that every client receives exactly what they want when they contact Go Local.


  We are ready to amaze you and your clients with an amazing video that will tell your organization’s story. There are many packages available, please feel free to call  (713) 805-2506 or send us a quick message here.


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